Beauty & Health Supplements Singapore

Patron & Senior Advisor
The International Association for 
Organ cell therapy Specialists Switzerland & Germany (IAOSS)
Global Head of Medical & Wellness Department
ZÉLL-V International (Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, U.S.A, Brunei, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China & Vietnam)
Medical Specialties
Physiology, Complementary and Preventive Medicine, Cellular Therapy

Mr Simon Hooi, Physiologist & Cellular Therapist, utilizes various scientific techniques to optimize functions of body systems leading to optimum health. His techniques include cellular therapies with lyophilized embryonal organ cells and purified placenta extracts to rejuvenate and revitalize the body systems. He has successfully improved the quality of countless lives globally. Mr Simon Hooi conducts seminars and symposiums emphasizing the use of cellular therapy technologies in rejuvenation, prevention of premature ageing and suppression of the most aggressive ageing symptoms.
Presently, Mr Simon Hooi is the Global Head of Medical & Wellness Department of ZÉLL-V International, a leading establishment of cellular therapy in the anti-ageing industry with a large network of ZÉLL-V stores worldwide.